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King Kamehameha Day in Hawaii Nei

Parades, Hula competitions, and Flowers Flowers Flowers! Some of what you'll see in Hawaii in commemoration of King Kamehameha The Great.

King Kamehameha was prophesied to unit the Hawaiian island from the night of his birth. A comet beamed across the dark sky, fulfilling an ancient prophesy relaying that the child born under such a phenomenon would one day rise up as ruler. King Kamehameha was the monarch of Hawaii from 1782 through 1819. He showed strength and intelligence as he created a unified island kingdom in 1810. For that, the people of Hawaii honor him. Kamehameha Day is held in his honor annually on June 11. Kamehameha is known as the 'Napolean of the Pacific'.

In 1871, Kamehameha's grandson, known as Kamehameha V, passed a royal decree that Kamehameha Day be celebrated. The day was first celebrated in 1872 and was one of the first holidays proclaimed by the Hawaii State Legislature after Hawaii became a U.S. state in 1959.

Traditionally, this day was celebrated with carnivals, parties, horses and races. Today, there are many events that are held on or around Kamehameha Day. Below is a list of some of the events happening in Hawaii.


June 11 : Bailey Museum 10am - 4pm (Wailuku)

Hawaiian games, arts and crafts along with some Hawaiian music

June 15 & 16 : Na Kamehameha Commemorative Pa'u Parade 9:45am - 5pm

(Lahaina Banyan)

Food booths, Maui Made artists, Exhibits, Hawaiian music and hula

Big Island

June 10 : Wailoa State Park 5pm (Hilo)

Lei Draping ceremony of Statue of King Kamehameha

June 11 : Four Seasons Resort Hualalai 11am & 3pm

Share a history and story of King Kamehameha, both lectures complimentary to hotel guests

June 11 : Coconut Island/Moku Ola 10am - 4pm (Hilo)

Festival featuring art and craft vendors, hawaiian music and dance, cultural practitioners, and delicious food

June 11 : Kamehameha Park 8am - 4pm (North Kohala)

Lei draping ceremony @8

Pa'u parade @9

Ho'olaulea/Festival 11am - 4pm

Come see the history, hula, and music in the heart of Kapaau, the district in which King Kamehameha was born


June 16 : Town Center 9:30am - 2:30pm

Parade 9:30am

Ho'olaulea/Festival 11am

Hear some hawaiian history of this praised monarch, crafts, raffles, Makana Makamae, and presentations by Manu Boyd.

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